Sunday, 5 November 2017

"I Am" Becky drafts in Kyle's book

Kyle's theme of "I am" resonated with me. I liked doodling little images of my life. Little things I am. Little things I was. Little things I used to know. Little things I used to do. But, those sketches just never got off the ground. After failed coloring attempts and drafts that were going nowhere and getting more and more bizarre, I just decided to let a work in progress be a messy work in progress and pasted in some drafts:
I am unfinished! (and not afraid to throw in the towel)

Friday, 3 November 2017

Heidi's "Random Objects" in Jeff Pabotoy's Book

Erin's art in Heidi Ryan's sketchbook "Recycle/Upcycle/Repurpose "

Hello, Fellow Sketchers!! 
This month has been awesome in so many ways. And of course, busy. So I was happy to get Heidi's sketchbook so I can repurpose some art. 

This is my contribution this month. It is an ink, salt and tissue paper transfer back ground. 
And the cartoons are of a plane and sad girl drawn in Ink on water color paper. 

I was able to repurpose some painting and sketches I made for a 5th grade project that was just published on

The book is a collection of stories written by 5th graders. So I added some scenes from their stories as part of the cover. It was fun remembering how to use Photoshop and finding new tools. It was fun to do and am grateful for the opportunity to make art. I hope the students get to color in the black and white drawings and make the book their own..... Just like the stories on the inside are unique!! 

I couldn't decide if it should be colored or black and white illustrations. Showing both options to a friend she suggested to leave it black and white so kids can color it. I remembered that SAS Sketchers very own Gabe Haydu, who designed our yearbook last year so kids can color in certain parts and make the book their own.

I know that being in SAS Sketchers keeps me flexing my creative muscles and keeps me ready to say "yes" to these fun projects. So, thank you for sharing your art and inspiring me! 

Keep posting your art!!


Thursday, 2 November 2017

Jeff's sketch on Stephanie Richard's Book


This is my first post. Sorry to be late in the game.  This is my sketch for Stephanie's sketchbook "Generations".  I decided to represent three generations in my family.  My grandfather, who made a living as a fisherman in the Philippines.  My father who worked as a day laborer/carpenter and myself who pursued art.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Erin's drawing in Kyle's book "I am...."

"I am... Erin."

Kyle's sketchbook theme was "I am..."

I bounced around with some ideas but kept coming back to this idea of being unique but also not at all.

I chose to represent that by using a tangible evidences of uniqueness: our fingerprint. I took a photo of my actual thumb to look at the lines. My life and experiences are mine.

This is paired with the universe and outer space since I am also a part of some thing much bigger. In the scheme of things, I am just a blip on the radar of time. And on a literal level... all life is made of space dust.

The materials I used are also a bit of exacting and chaotic. I used Masking fluid to add the lines of the finger. This creates crisp lines.
Peeling off the mask
Detail of texture made by adding salt on top of wet ink  and letting it dry

Detail of the moon and back ground

I then painted over it with ink, water, batik dye... and then covered it with Salt. Each layer interacts with the previous layer, and the Salt creates a final texture, slowly, as it dries. I have some control over how it turns out, but the nature of water, paper, and mineral (salt), ultimately say how the surface will look. This fits my personality. I can be precise in many ways, but also flexible or full of unrest. Oh, to be human!!